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Lesson for June 20, 2020

Lesson for June 20, 2020. HEAVEN’S PENDING JUDGEMENT Scripture Reading: Revelation 15th Chapter Memory Verse: Revelation 15:2 By whom does this wrath to be poured upon the earth?  Rev. 15:1;16:1.Before this judgment is poured upon the wicked, what worldwide message goes forth? Rev. 14:9,10 Note: The heavenly Father has always warned people before bringing judgment [...]

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Lesson for June 13, 2020

Lesson for June 13, 2020. PROPHECIES CONCERNING JERUSALEM Scripture Reading: Ezra 7. Memory Verse: Ezra 7:27. When the angel Gabriel visited Daniel in Babylon, what was his chief purpose and message? Daniel 9:24 and the first part of verse 25.What other very important event concerning the Messiah did the angel Gabriel make known? Verse 26 [...]

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Lesson for June 6, 2020

Lesson for June 6, 2020 THE GOSPEL COMMISSION Scripture reading: 1 Cor. 1st Chapter. Memory verse: 1 Cor. 1:1. What was the great service command given by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Mark 16:15-19.Is this responsibility only to those called into the ministry? Matt. 25:14, 15.What are some of these servants doing today with [...]

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Lesson for May 30, 2020

Lesson for May 30, 2020 CHRISTIANS' DUTIES NOW, IN THE TIME OF THE END Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6. Memory Verse: I Peter 5:8. What wretched conditions forecasted by the apostle Paul will be prevalent in the human family in this time of the end? 2 Timothy 3:1-7.In this perilous time we are in, what must [...]

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Lesson for May 23, 2020

Lesson for May 23, 2020 POWER OF HEAVEN OBTAINED BY PRAYER Scripture reading: Matthew 6:1-19. Memory verse: Luke 11:13. How does the Psalmist address the Heavenly Father? Psalms 65:2.What is prayer? Psalms 142:1.Where do we gain the greatest victories? Genesis 32:28; Hosea 12:4.What instruction is given regarding prayer? Luke 21:36; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Colossians 4:2.Why [...]

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Lesson for May 16, 2020

Lesson for May 16, 2020 THE IMPORTANCE OF DAILY PRAYER Scripture reading: Luke 18:1-27. Memory verse: Luke 18:7. Is it the desire of the Lord that people everywhere call upon Him in prayer? 1Timothy 2:8.What is the promise for those who seek Him for the things they need? Matthew 7:8.How does Christ Jesus illustrate the [...]

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Lesson for May 9, 2020

Lesson for May 9, 2020 THE FORMER RAIN Scripture Reading: Joel 2:12-32 Memory Verse: Joel 2:23 Through what natural source does our Heavenly Father cause the land to prosper? Lev. 26:4,5What does He call the source of this natural blessing? Deut 28:12, Malachi 3:10 last partWhat was Israel required to do when the time for [...]

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Lesson for May 2, 2020

Lesson for May 2, 2020 NOT HEARERS ONLY, BUT DOERS Scripture reading: Matthew 7:17-29; James 2:14-26. Memory verse: James 2: 18. In what way did Abraham become the friend of God? James 2:23.In what way did Abraham show faith in God and become a doer? Genesis 26:5.How did God regard Abraham offering his son Isaac? [...]

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Lesson for April 25, 2020

Lesson for April 25, 2020. THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE Scripture reading: Isaiah 59:1-16. Memory verse: Isaiah 53:6 What condition prevailed before Christ came similar to those of today? Isaiah 59:2,3Was there any intercessor? Verse 16.Could true and justice be found in that time? Verses 14, 15. Note: Truth and justice are very [...]

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Lesson for April 18, 2020

Lesson for April 18, 2020 THE MESSAGE OF RECONCILIATION Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 5th chapter. Memory Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:19. By whom are we reconciled? 2 Corinthians 5:18.What is committed unto us? 2 Corinthians 5:19.What makes reconciliation possible? Acts 2:38. Note: Many find it hard to live the Christ-life. The reason is, though they have [...]

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