Lesson for August 25, 2018


Scripture reading: Matt. 10:16-42.

Memory verse: Matt. 10:16.

  1. What was the character of the people among whom the disciples were sent? How were they instructed to behave? Matt. 10:16.
  2. To what would they be subject among this class? What guarantee was given them under those conditions? Matt. 10:19-20.
  3. Who among the household would take part? Matt. 10:21.
  4. By how many would they be hated? Verse 22.
  5. What were they to do when persecuted in one place? Verse 23.

Note. Then too, those who are anointed with the Holy Spirit and live in the presence of the Lord will be directed by the Spirit what to say before their persecutors.

  1. What reason is given why they should not fear? Verses 29-30.
  2. How is the Father’s great love for us illustrated? Verses 39-40.
  3. If we would be recognized before the Lord in the end, what must we do? Verses 32-33.
  4. What did Jesus say He came to do? Verses 34-36.
  5. What are the conditions of following Him? Verses 37-39.

Note. These are the cross roads to which everyone who will be saved must be brought to be tested as a candidate for life eternal.

  1. In this trust how shall we overcome evil? Rom. 12:21.
  2. What will follow when one receives the servant of the Lord? Matt. 10:40, 41.
  3. What recognition is held out to those who do even little acts of kindness to His workers? Verse 42.