Lesson for December 25, 2021


Scripture Reading: Luke 21.

Memory Verse: Daniel 12:10.

  1. How long was Jerusalem to be trodden down by the Gentiles with the Jews scattered all over the world? Luke 21:24.
  2. At the end of this period, of what is known as Gentile times, what is said of the conditions all over the world? Luke 21:25.

Note. This prophecy was fulfilled to the very letter. Jerusalem was captured by the Romans 70 A.D., the temple destroyed, and the city became heaps of rubble and ruin. The Jews were scattered all over the world, and remained so for nearly 2000 years. Now they have their nation, Israel, and are returning by the hundreds of thousands.

  1. What is said of this time in respect to men’s hearts filled with fear? Luke 21:26.
  2. What great event is next in order? Luke 21:27.
  3. What simple comparison did our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ use? Luke 21:29-31.
  4. Will the generation witnessing the returning of the Jews etc. pass away? Luke 21:29-32.
  5. What warning characteristic of this time is given? Luke 21:34.
  6. What shall we do in order to escape this pending destruction? Luke 21:36.
  7. What solemn responsibility rests upon those who understand? Ezekiel 3:6, 7.
  8. What about increase of knowledge and travel before the end? Daniel 12:4.
  9. What work is assigned to the wise? Daniel 12:3.
  10. Will this special class of the wise understand the prophecy concerning the “time of the end” and will many (both Jew and Gentile) be turned from sin unto righteousness? Daniel 12:10.

Note. The angel Gabriel also informed the prophet Daniel that the people whose sins were forgiven and had been made, white would be tried. We are now in that testing time of trial, when only the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer will assure the victory.

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