Lesson for February 10, 2018 


Scripture reading: Matthew 6:1-13.

Memory verse: Philippians 4:6. 

  1. In what important matter was David’s life engaged? Psalms 55:17.
  2. Like David, what should be first on our daily program? Psalms 88:13; 119:147.
  3. Who else should we look to as our example in our daily prayer life? Daniel 6:10.
  4. What victory came to him as the results of seeking the good Lord? Daniel 6:21-23.
  5. What other example should we take regarding prayer? Luke 6:12.
  6. What else should be associated with praying? Daniel 9:2, 3.
  7. When did Daniel get an answer? Daniel 9:20, 23.
  8. How long did Daniel fast, pray and mourn before he received an understanding of the vision? Daniel 10:2, 3.
  9. Who withstood the angel? How did he get deliverance? Daniel 10:13.
  10. Why is it essential to fast and pray? Matthew 17:14-21.
  11. What will we experience in our souls if we pray, fast, and praise God? Galatians 2:20.

Note. — We should learn to pray as Daniel. The answer did not come immediately, but he was confident that God had heard him. In beginning the day, our prayers should be brought before the Lord, thus setting the pace for a victorious daily life.

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