Lesson for February 15, 2020.


Scripture reading: John 21:3-17.

Memory verse: Matthew 4:19.

  1. Matthew 4:18-20 tells of the calling of Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. With what intriguing promise did Jesus call them? How did they respond?
  2. Compare this account with John 1:35-42.
  3. Discuss the occasion, the account of which Matthew 14:28 is a part. Does it reveal Peter’s character?
  4. Perhaps the most glorious part of Peter’s association with Jesus is recorded in Luke 9:28-36. How did he regard it? Why did they keep it a secret? Matthew 17:9.
  5. What was the most bitter experience in his association with Jesus? Matthew 26:69-75. What was the result of this experience in Peter’s life?
  6. What was Christ’s charge to Peter? John 21:15-17.
  7. Did Peter obey this command? Discuss Acts 2:14, 37-40; 5:12-16.
  8. How does Peter’s admonition in 2 Peter 3:11-14 conform to his own life? Is it sound advice?