Lesson for July 2, 2022


Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 9:1-14.

Memory Verse: Leviticus 27:30

  1. What great gift did God make to the world? John 3:16.
  2. What is the great commandment? Matthew 22:37.
  3. How can we show our love toward God? 1 John 5:2.
  4. In which way will giving effect us? Proverbs 11:24,25.
  5. What command was given to us? Proverbs 3:9.
  6. When this command is observed, will it effect our temporal possessions? Proverbs 3:10.
  7. How may those who have abundance here, lay hold on eternal life? 1 Timothy 6:17-19.
  8. Does God watch our giving and hear our prayers? Acts 10:4.
  9. What system of giving for the ministry is set forth in the Old Testament? Numbers 18:21; Leviticus 27:30.
  10. Is there a similar provision also spoken of in the New Testament? 1 Corinthians 9:12-14.
  11. Was this same system in force at the time of Abraham? Genesis 14:18-20; 28:20-22.
  12. How did Jesus speak of giving? Acts 20:35.

Note: It has been proved beyond any question of doubt, that God is still blessing those who are putting their tithes and offerings into the storehouse. We must give a portion of our substance in the same manner as Jesus gave His life. Our tithes and offerings represent a part of our love; and if it is withheld, the Lord will withhold from us His blessings, both spiritual and temporal.

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