Lesson for June 11, 2016.


Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:20-38.

Memory Verse: Matthew 9:22.

1. Who was it that exercised great faith for healing? Matthew 9:20.

2. What experience did she have before this? Mark 5:25,26.

3. Did she have a considerable amount of determination? Mark

4. When she touched the Lord Jesus, what was the result? Mark

5. Why did He recognize this touch? What was His question? Mark

6. How did the disciples regard this question? Mark 5:31.

7. How did the woman feel about it? Mark 5:33.

8. What comforting words were spoken to her by Christ Jesus? Mark 5:34; Matthew 9:22

NOTE: This is a unique experience, in which one was healed

without engaging the Master’s attention. This is because of the virtue that was

in Him. As followers of Christ we are to possess this same Heavenly virtue –

the Holy Spirit – to the extent that even when we are not aware of it, others

around will be effected by the moving Spirit of God in us.

9. What miracles followed the healing of the issue of blood?
Matthew 9:23-25

10. What did the two blind men desire of the Lord? Matthew 9:27.

11. How persistent were they in their desire to be healed? Matthew
9:28 (First part)

12. What question did Jesus ask them? What was their reply? Matthew 9:28 (Last part)

13. In healing them, what did Jesus command? Matthew 9:29,30.

14. How did they regard this command? Matthew 9:31.

NOTE: The blessing of healing brought a joy to their hearts which

15. Who was brought to Jesus for healing? Matthew 9:32.

16. What happened when the devil was cast out? Matthew 9:33.

17. What was the Pharisees’ verdict about this? Matthew 9:34.

18. How was Jesus continually engaged? Matthew 9:35.

19. How did the spiritual condition of the people effect Jesus?
Matthew 9:36,37

NOTE: Oh, that God would find more men/women to use today

for the healing of the sick and for the preaching of the Gospel! Men/women

with the compassion of Christ. This will not be possible until there is a revival

of God’s love in the heart; the sequence is that power will follow in the soul.

Power for compassion, power for sympathy; power to weep over the sick and

unbelieving as Christ Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus.


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