Lesson for October 15, 2016.


Scripture Reading: Matthew 18th chapter.

Memory Verse: Matthew 6:15.

  1. What is necessary for us to do in order to receive forgiveness of our sins? Mark 11:25.
  2. Will God pardon those who do not forgive their fellow men? Matthew 6:15; Mark 11:26; Matthew 18:35.

NOTE: God is not satisfied with lip service or mere formality. We must forgive from the heart, and when we do then we will also forget, and we will cease to dwell upon the sins which have been forgiven. Some when pretending to forgive say: I can forgive but I cannot forget them, they hold a grudge.

  1. In what condition  must our heart be in order that we might receive forgiveness? Matthew 6:12.
  2. Did God forbid grudging? Leviticus 19:18.
  3. What does the New Testament say about grudging? James 5:9; Matthew 6:12-14.

NOTE: Jealousy, a predominate sin of the age now even as it was in the time when Joseph’s brethren became jealous of him because of his parents’ love and extra kindness, and also because God favored him and gave him dreams about things which would soon come to pass, therefore they mistreated him and sold him unto strangers for a slave.

  1. How did Joseph the man of God forgive his brethren? Genesis  45:15.
  2. In dealing with the erring, what feelings should activate us? Matthew 18:33.
  3. What may those expect who fail to show mercy to others? James 2:13.
  4. What happened to the servant who owed a large sum? Matthew 18:23-27.
  5. Later when someone came who owed this same man a mere trifle, what mercy did he receive? Matthew18:28-30.
  6. What treatment did the unmerciful servant receive from his Lord? Matthew 18:32-35.
  7. For whom has all of this been recorded? 1 Corinthians 10:11; Romans 15:14; 2 Timothy 3:16,17.


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