Lesson for September 4, 2021


Scripture reading: James 3:1-18.

Memory verse: Proverbs 18:21.

  1. What power do we posses in our tongue? Prov. 18:21.
  2. What will happen to the tongue that is used for flattery? Psa. 5:9, 10.
  3. What did Job say about using flattering titles? Job. 32:21, 22.
  4. What did Solomon say about a lying tongue? Prov. 12:19, 22.
  5. What is a perfect man? James 3:2.
  6. How dangerous is the tongue? James 3:6.

Note. How carefully we should use the tongue! May we ever realize that it is equally as destructive as fire. Have you ever thought how carefully people guard against fire in their homes, and in the great forests during the dry seasons? When God created man, He created him so that he could freely converse one with another, and how wonderful this is! Therefore we should praise and thank Him for the privilege which has been given to us to enjoy.

  1. Who will enter into life eternal? Psa. 15:2, 3.
  2. What is necessary on our part if we wish to be blessed? Psalms 34:11-14.
  3. What does the Lord hate, and will anyone be excused who soweth discord? Prov. 6:16-19.
  4. Whose religion is vain? James 1:26.
  5. To what does Paul compare the tongue? Rom. 3:13.
  6. When there is strife among the Brethren, how can it be stopped? Prov. 26:20.
  7. How careful should the leaders and their wives be with their tongues? 1 Tim. 3:8-11,
  8. How is the tongue of the wise compared to the tongue of the foolish? Prov. 15:2,4, 7, 28,

If we use out tongue wisely, what will the Lord do for us? Psa. 50:23.

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