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Lesson for May 28, 2016

Lesson for May 28, 2016. THE DANGER OF COVETOUSNESS Scripture Reading: Luke 12:13-32. Memory Verse: Luke 12:15. NOTE: The definition for ''Covetousness'' is: ''inordinately desirous, or excessively eager to obtain and possess'' --Webster. What showed this principle to be strong in this rich man who already had more than he could take care of? Luke [...]

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Lesson for May 21, 2016

Lesson for May 21, 2016. CONTENTION - A TOOL OF SATAN “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” Christ said. This well-known truth is especially applicable to the Church today. Contention and division are everywhere and are tools Satan uses to make God’s people weak. The Bible teaches strongly against strife and contention among the [...]

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Lesson for May 14, 2016

Lesson for May 14, 2016. MALICE   Booker T. Washington once said, “I am determined to permit no man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him.” Hatred and malice do just that - they degrade, defile and destroy the soul. As Christians we should avoid malice, not only as a lethal [...]

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Lesson for May 7, 2016

Lesson for May 7, 2016. SLANDER AND EVIL SPEAKING No one likes to be gossiped about, nor does anyone enjoy being slandered. Yet there is certainly no shortage of gossip circles or slander manufacturers. This shows that many have no real antipathy for the sport itself, and that it is only when they themselves are [...]

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