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Lesson for January 25, 2020

Lesson for January 25, 2020. THE REWARD OF ACCEPTING JESUS Scripture reading: Matt. 19:23-30. Memory verse: Matt. 16:27. What is the bounteous reward of forsaking all and following Jesus? Matt. 19:27-29. What else is necessary in order to receive this reward? Matt. 10:37-39. Does our labour for Him necessarily have to be of a great [...]

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Lesson for January 18, 2020

Lesson for January 18, 2020. THE PRICE AND RESULT OF PRIDE Scripture reading: Psa. 10. Memory verse: Prov. 28:25. How are the evils of the proud described in God’s Holy Word? Isa. 2:11-13. What did pride bring to a city of Moab? Jer. 49:13-16, What is the source of all pride? 1 John 2:16. What [...]

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Lesson for January 11, 2020

Lesson for January 11, 2020. THE HOUSE OF DAVID Scripture reading: Psalms 89:1-37. Memory verse: Revelation 22:16. From what tribe of Israel was David? Matthew 1:3-6. Who anointed him king over Israel? 1 Samuel 16:13; Psalms 89:20. Because of his faithfulness, what did the Lord promise him? 2 Samuel 7:8, 12-16. What is written in [...]

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Lesson for January 4, 2020

Lesson for January 4, 2020. THE PROMISED SEED Scripture Reading: Romans 11:1-25. Memory Verse: Romans 11:27. What proportion of Israel did the Lord say would be saved? Isaiah 10:21,22; Romans 9:27. What is said of their spiritual standing? Romans 10:2 How long were they given to settle their acceptance with God as a nation? Daniel [...]

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Lesson for December 28, 2019

Lesson for December 28, 2019 SCRIPTURAL PROOF THAT CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD Note. There were over 250 text of Old Testament scripture fulfilled in the events of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Messiah. Besides His great miraculous power in healing the sick and raising the dead, Jesus fulfilled [...]

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Lesson for December 21, 2019

Lesson for December 21, 2019 ETERNAL LIFE Scripture reading: John 3:1-21. Memory verse: John 10:10. Did Christ come to condemn the world? John 3:17. What is it that condemns us? John 3:18. Why do men love darkness? John 3:19. Why are the evil afraid of the light? John 3:20, 21. If we believe, what are [...]

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Lesson for December 14, 2019

Lesson for December 14, 2019 THE REMNANT PEOPLE TRIUMPHANT Scripture reading: Isaiah 66 Memory verse: Isa 66:22 At the conclusion of Isaiah’s prophecies, what emphasis were placed on the importance of this earth? Isaiah 66:1 What class of people is the Heavenly Father going to notice and exalt in the end? Isaiah 66:2 What were [...]

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2020 Bible Lessons

Download 2020 Bible Lessons Quarter 1 - English | Swahili | Kikuyu | Kalenjin | Luo Children Lessons - English | Swahili

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Lesson for December 7, 2019

Lesson for December 7, 2019 PERILOUS TIMES Scripture reading: 2 Timothy 3. Memory verse: 2 Timothy 3:14. Describe the perilous times of which Paul spoke? 2 Timothy 3:1-7. What does Paul mean in verse 7? For what did Paul say the Holy Scriptures were given? Verses 16, 17. What would some do in the later [...]

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Lesson for November 30, 2019

Lesson for November 30, 2019 THE NECESSITY OF THE GIFT OF MIRACLES Scripture reading: Acts 8:5-25 Memory verse: Joshua 3:5 What is one of the primary purposes of miracles? Ex. 4:5; Num. 16:28 ; Ex. 19:3-4; John 2:23. What was the purpose of the plagues in Egypt? Ex. 7:5; 9:29 When the manna and the [...]

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