Lesson for July 27, 2024


Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:35-38.

Memory Verse: Matthew 9:35.

  1. What example does the Messiah give us concerning the Gospel? Matthew 9:35; see also Mark 1:14.
  2. What were the signs the Savior gave to John to show that He was the Christ? Luke 7:22.
  3. What commandment did Christ give to those that follow Him? Mark 16:15.
  4. What ministry did the Apostle receive from the Savior? Acts 20:20-24.
  5. Are we sent out to preach the Gospel? Romans 10:15.
  6. How important is it to preach the Gospel? 1 Corinthians 9:16.
  7. To whom should the Gospel be preached, and by what power do we preach it? Romans 1:16.
  8. What Gospel must be preached first before Christ returns? Matthew 24:14, see also Mark 13:10.
  9. What are we told will happen to any man that would preach another Gospel? Galatians 1:9.

Note. What a blessing it is to be a minister of the Gospel. The Bible tells us that the Father desires all His children to know Him, therefore He has commissioned us to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every nation, and to all people. Let us carry this truth with unwavering faith, and let us be ready at all times to serve Him.

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