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Lesson for February 25, 2017

Lesson for February 25, 2017. DAVID ANOINTED KING Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16. Memory Verse: 1 Samuel 16:13. What question did the Lord ask, when Samuel mourned for Saul? 1Samuel 16:1. NOTE:   Every true servant in all ages has compassion. It is a wicked heart that rejoices over the one who falls away. Paul says: [...]

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Lesson for February 18, 2017

Lesson for February 18, 2017. CHARGING THE HUMAN MAGNET WITH OVERCOMING POWER Scripture Reading: Romans 8:1-14. Memory Verse: Romans 8:28. 1. Is there a law that governs the operation of the Spirit in our bodies? Romans 8:2. 2. What will this law of the Spirit of Life do for us in regard to the law? [...]

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Lesson for February 11, 2017

Lesson for February 11, 2017. OUR CONDITION BEFORE GOD Scripture Reading: Romans 3:10-31. Memory Verses: 1 John 3:2,3. Under what condition does man find himself? Romans 3:9, 23. NOTE: Paul, as a Jew, could say that the same law that points out sin in one group does so for the other. In the sight of [...]

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Lesson for February 4, 2017

Lesson for February 4, 2017. REPENTANCE Scripture Reading: Acts 2:22-42. Memory Verse: 2 Peter 3:9. What does the Holy Bible, God’s Word, teach about repentance? Ezekiel 18:31-32. Is it possible to be saved without repentance? Luke 13:1-5. Of what must we repent? Acts 3:19; 8:20-22. Did the great Apostle Paul tell the people they must [...]

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