Lesson for February 18, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Romans 8:1-14.
Memory Verse: Romans 8:28.
1. Is there a law that governs the operation of the Spirit in our bodies? Romans 8:2.
2. What will this law of the Spirit of Life do for us in regard to the law? Romans 8:2.
NOTE: When this divine law of the Spirit is allowed to operate in us, we will by nature bear the fruit of the Spirit, and therefore walk in perfect obedience to all of the commandments. Consequently we will be free from the condemnation of this law, which brings death.
3. Is there a special place in every person’s body for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? 1 Corinthians 3:16 and also 1 Corinthians 6:19,20.
4. If our bodies are void of this Spirit power, and therefore defiled by the presence of evil spirits, worldly desires, emotions, and sin, what is the result? 1 Corinthians 3:17.
5. In order for us to receive this Spirit, do we need to make the first move, or wait for the Father to move on us? James 4:8-10.
6. Is the heavenly Father as willing to give this power from above to us as we are willing to give food to our children when they are hungry? Luke 11:11-13.
NOTE: This Holy Spirit is spoken of also as the Holy Ghost, as “virtue”, and “power”. It is a portion of the Father Himself, a divine power from heaven that comes into these human temples of ours and makes us spiritual. It fills us with goodness, and imparts to us those heavenly attributes that so miraculously adorned the Messiah our Saviour. It is only by the reception of this power into our body that we will be filled with righteousness.
7. Is it necessary for us to become hungry for, and really desire this power that will make us righteous? Matthew 5:6.
NOTE: Most of the people, at this present time, are hungering and thirsting after the things of this world, popularity, position, money and pleasure, all of which is vanity, and will soon pass away.
8. Who opened the way, and taught us about this law for the Spirit of eternal life? John 8:12.
9. Did our Saviour who came to show us the way, often spend time tarrying before His Father, in prayer? Luke 6:12.
10. After spending the night in prayer, what passed from Him into the people by which they were healed? Luke 6:19.
NOTE: Most of us have played with a horse-shoe magnet when we were children, or a piece of steel charged with magnetic electricity, and observed how it will pick up smaller pieces of metal, and hold them tightly. We may pull these away a number of times and let it lift them again and again. Soon this metal will also become charged with the same magnetic power, until it will pick up smaller pieces also. This illustrates how the person who spends time in daily prayer becomes charged with a divine magnetic virtue from Heaven, by which the dross of sin is driven from our mortal body, and it becomes a temple for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

11. After the Master had spent time in prayer, what happened to the woman who touched the hem of His garment? Luke 8:43-47.


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