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Lesson for February 29, 2020

Lesson for February 29, 2020. PAUL'S FINAL MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 4:1-8. Memory Verse: 1 Timothy 5:7. Before whom did Paul give his final charge, and at what time did he say the living and the dead would be judged? 2 Timothy 4:1. What did he admonish his people to preach, [...]

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Lesson for February 22, 2020

Lesson for February 22, 2020. PAUL, THE GREAT EVANGELIST Scripture Reading: Acts 9:10-20. Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 4:7. What do we know about Paul’s early life? Acts 22:3. Smith’s Bible Dictionary suggests that he was probably taken to Jerusalem as a boy for His education. NOTE: Saul means “asked, “desired”. Paul means “small” or “little”. [...]

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Lesson for February 15, 2020

Lesson for February 15, 2020. PETER - FISHER OF MEN Scripture reading: John 21:3-17. Memory verse: Matthew 4:19. Matthew 4:18-20 tells of the calling of Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. With what intriguing promise did Jesus call them? How did they respond? Compare this account with John 1:35-42. Discuss the occasion, the account of [...]

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Lesson for February 8, 2020

Lesson for February 8, 2020. THE LIFE OF THE APOSTLES Scripture Reading: Acts 2. Memory Verse: Acts 2:42. Whose example did the Apostle Peter say that the followers of the Lord should use? I Peter 2:21; I John 2:6; Ephesians 5:1. In following the steps of Jesus, how zealous and enthusiastic were the apostles of [...]

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