The Bible Home Instructor

Table Of Contents

About the Author


A Brief History of the Bible

Search the Scriptures

Creation and the Creator

Walking in the Light

How to Learn and Know the Truth

Life and Death

Searching the Scriptures

The Sure Word of Prophecy

Prophecies Relating to Christ’s Birth






Sufferings of Christ

Salvation Only Through Christ

God’s Willingness to Forgive

Forgiving One Another


Holy and Sanctified


Growth in Grace

Our Words

Danger of Covetousness



Duties of Parents and Children

Child Training

Promises for the Children

Meditation and Prayer

Answer to Prayer

Importance of Prayer

What is Sin and Who are Sinners?

The Law of God

The Ten Commandments

The Two Laws Contrasted

Importance of Sound Doctrine

Sin Defined

Sabbath, The Lord’s Day

Sabbath Observance

The Crime of the Dark Ages

The Lord’s Day

The Jewish Sabbath and Mosaical Law Abolished

New Testament Sabbath

Time of Crucifixion

The Master’s Sign

The Resurrection of Christ

The Lord’s Supper

The Intermediate State

Immortality of Man

Are Men Judged at Death?

What Will Become of the Wicked?

Will the Majority be Saved or Lost?

What is the Soul, and Is it Immortal?

The Spirit of Man

Man’s Origin and Nature

The Resurrection of the Dead

Promises to the Fathers

The Saints’ Inheritance

The Glorious City

New Jerusalem Comes When, Where?


Saving Faith

Nature of God’s Law


The Bible Name for the Church


The Ministration of Death

Free Will Offerings

Ministry Supported by Tithes

Judgment of the Transgressor

Punishment of the Wicked

Christ the Great Teacher

Reconciled to God


Danger in Rejecting Light

The Perpetuity of the Law

Marriage Institution


Trusting in Jesus


The Kingdom of God

The Law of Liberty

The Law Magnified by Christ

The Nature of Man

The Sons of God

Unity of Believers

Was Peter the Foundation Rock?


Missionary Work

A Dying Church

The Poor, Our Duty Toward Them

The Parable of the Tares and Wheat

Christ the Way of Life

Israel, Present and Future

Praise and Thanksgiving

The Christian’s Armor

Evidence of Acceptance With God

Preaching the Gospel

The Two Husbands

The Love of God

Ministration of Good Angels

Not Hearers, But Doers

The two Laws

The Two Olive Trees

The Colored Man, his Origin, Religion and Destiny

Do You Love the World, or God?

The Five Kingdoms

The Four Beasts

The Second Coming of Christ

The Manner of Christ’s Coming

We Know Not the Day Nor the Hour

The Signs of the Times

Social Signs of Christ’s Coming

Can We Know Near the Time of His Coming?

The Spirits in Prison

The Chastisement of the Jewish People

The Gathering of the Jewish People Part 1

The Gathering of the Jewish People Part 2

The Last Generation

Russia in Prophecy

Bible Organization and Service

Hell, When and Where is It?

Sinning Against the Holy Ghost

Danger in Rejecting Light

Promises to the Overcomers

Israel, Origin and Significance

The Prophecy of Revelation 12

The Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns

The Woman Riding the Beast Revelation 17th Chapter

The Third Angel’s Message

The Mark of the Beast

The Sign That Marks His Power

The Battle of Armageddon

Universal and Age Lasting Peace

The Millennium

The Open Grave

Daniel and His Tria

Death in the Kitchen

The Atomic Bomb and the World on Fire

The Holy Spirit, Gifts, and Manifestations

Church Organization and Government

The Passover and the Lord’s Supper

History of the Waldenses Sabbath Observers

Pioneers of the Reformation

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