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Lesson for April 2, 2016

Lesson for April 2, 2016. THE NEW BIRTH Scripture reading: John 3. Memory verse: John 3:8. There were those attracted to the Savior through His miracles at the Passover. What statement did one make to the Savior? John 3:1, 2. To what did Christ direct His attention? John 3:3. What shows that Nicodemus was puzzled [...]

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Lesson for March 26, 2016

Lesson for March 26, 2016. FINAL EVENTS AND CHRISTIAN RESPONSIBILITY Scripture Reading: Luke 21. Memory Verse: Daniel 12:10. 1. How long was Jerusalem to be trodden down by the Gentiles with the Jews scattered all over the world? Luke 21:24. 2. At the end of this period, of what is known as Gentile times, what [...]

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Lesson for March 19, 2016

Lesson for March 19, 2016. THE JEWS IN THE HOLY LAND Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 38:14-23. Memory Verse: Ezekiel 38:16. 1. What special blessing did the Lord promise to Abraham and to his seed? What is promised for those that bless the chosen people and those that curse them? Genesis 12:1-3. 2. What race of people [...]

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Lesson for March 12, 2016

Lesson for March 12, 2016. PROPHECIES OF DANIEL Scripture Reading: Daniel 9. Memory Verse: Daniel 9:22. After the Temple of Solomon was destroyed, Israel was taken captive into Babylon, but how long were they to remain there? Jeremiah 25:10,11. After they were gathered back from this dispersion, what was to happen to Babylon? Jeremiah 25:12,13. [...]

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Lazarus and the Rich Man

DO SAVED mothers up in heaven see the writhing and hear the shrieks of their own lost children down in hell? STOP AND THINK! Would you really want to spend eternity in a heaven where you would be forced to gaze constantly upon your own loved ones who were lost, hearing them frantically screaming to [...]

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