Lazarus and the Rich Man

DO SAVED mothers up in heaven see the writhing and hear the shrieks of their own lost children down in hell? STOP AND THINK! Would you really want to spend eternity in a heaven where you would be forced to gaze constantly upon your own loved ones who were lost, hearing them frantically screaming to [...]

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Romance And Love Is There A Difference?

By Richard A. Wiedenheft It is one of the biggest lies of the 20th Century. It has been propagated through movies, books, music; through practically every media there is. It  has  become accepted as fact by countless  millions, and it has  brought  them untold  disappointment and  misery! What Is It? It is the lie that [...]

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The Pagan Origin Of Easter

Easter is a day that is honered by nearly all of contemporary Christianity and is used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holiday often involves a church service at sunrise, a feast which includes an "Easter Ham", decorated eggs and stories about rabbits. Those who love truth learn to ask questions, and many [...]

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Why Be Baptized Into the Name of Yahshua?

 Is baptism just an initiation into a church, or is it truly important for salvation? Did you know that there is a proper method for, and Name into which you must be baptized? (Also see "The Authority to Baptize") The New Testament’s basic message to mankind is that our salvation is anchored to Yahshua the Messiah, the [...]

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We wish to extend to each of you a very warm greeting. We continually ask God to bless, guide and protect each and every one of you. Without God’s constant blessing andguidance we are nothing. Really knowing that God is our Protector—the One  who is constantly watching over us and keeping us safe in His [...]

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Every Part Supplieth

Peace be unto such as read this Message. It is not my intention to offend but to stir-up the mind of the Body of Christ that ALL might be edified and Glorify our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus. Every part of the Body regardless of how insignificant it might seem to be, supplieth a [...]

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What is resentment? Why is it so destructive? What effect will it have on us? How can we turn from bitterness to forgiveness? We will find the answers to these important questions in this lesson. What is Resentment? Resentment is that deep feeling of displeasure or anger that we have toward someone because of a past offense. [...]

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