Lesson for April 2, 2016.


Scripture reading: John 3.

Memory verse: John 3:8.

  1. There were those attracted to the Savior through His miracles at the Passover. What statement did one make to the Savior? John 3:1, 2.
  2. To what did Christ direct His attention? John 3:3.
  3. What shows that Nicodemus was puzzled at this? John 3:4.
  4. How did the Savior stress the importance of His message? John 3:5.
  5. What illustration did He use to impress this lesson? John 3:6-8.

NOTE:  The expression “we know” infers that Nicodemus did not seek the Lord for himself alone. The Savior had just revealed His glory at Cana of Galilee and here at the Passover His power as a divine representative was disclosed. The Pharisees were not humble enough to seek Him by day, so this ruler came by night. He became just as puzzled as many are today about what constitutes the New Birth; yet the Savior says that this experience is necessary as the only way to the Kingdom.

  1. What else did Nicodemus ask? John 3:9.
  2. How did the Savior close the inquiry? John 3:10-13.
  3. What other phase of teaching did the Savior introduce? John 3:14, 15.
  4. Why did God give His Son to the world? John 3:16.
  5. If faith in the Savior brings salvation, what is it that brings condemnation? John 3:17-19.


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