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Lesson for January 18, 2020

Lesson for January 18, 2020. THE PRICE AND RESULT OF PRIDE Scripture reading: Psa. 10. Memory verse: Prov. 28:25. How are the evils of the proud described in God’s Holy Word? Isa. 2:11-13. What did pride bring to a city of Moab? Jer. 49:13-16, What is the source of all pride? 1 John 2:16. What [...]

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Lesson for January 11, 2020

Lesson for January 11, 2020. THE HOUSE OF DAVID Scripture reading: Psalms 89:1-37. Memory verse: Revelation 22:16. From what tribe of Israel was David? Matthew 1:3-6. Who anointed him king over Israel? 1 Samuel 16:13; Psalms 89:20. Because of his faithfulness, what did the Lord promise him? 2 Samuel 7:8, 12-16. What is written in [...]

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Lesson for January 4, 2020

Lesson for January 4, 2020. THE PROMISED SEED Scripture Reading: Romans 11:1-25. Memory Verse: Romans 11:27. What proportion of Israel did the Lord say would be saved? Isaiah 10:21,22; Romans 9:27. What is said of their spiritual standing? Romans 10:2 How long were they given to settle their acceptance with God as a nation? Daniel [...]

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