Lesson for February 1, 2020.


Scripture reading: Romans 8:1-14.
Memory verse: Romans 8:11.

  1. In order to be free from condemnation, how must the people of God walk? Rom. 8:1.
  2. How can we judge rightly and know that we are walking in the spirit? Rom. 8:4.
  3. What is the reward — both temporal and eternal to those who are spiritual-minded? Rom 8:6.
  4. What is a sure index of a person’s life? Matt. 12:34,37.
  5. What should be the daily prayer of everyone seeking a home in the Kingdom of God? Psa. 19:14.
  6. When the people of the Lord are spiritual-minded, what will their conversation be? Psa. 50:23.
  7. Is it possible to please God when we are in the natural ways of the flesh? Rom. 8:8.
  8. What is it that is necessary to abide in each child of God, that he may not follow the flesh? Rom. 8:9.
  9. If this spirit takes up its abode within us and remains, what work will finally be wrought? Rom. 8:11.
  10. How can we acquire the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Luke 11:11-13.
  11. What important Christian virtue does the Holy Spirit shed abroad in our hearts? Rom. 5:5.
  12. In what way and by what power can we overcome the natural ways of the flesh? Rom. 8:13, 14.
  13. When led by the Spirit, where will we be storing our treasures? Matt. 6:19-21.
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