Lesson for March 12, 2016

Lesson for March 12, 2016. PROPHECIES OF DANIEL Scripture Reading: Daniel 9. Memory Verse: Daniel 9:22. After the Temple of Solomon was destroyed, Israel was taken captive into Babylon, but how long were they to remain there? Jeremiah 25:10,11. After they were gathered back from this dispersion, what was to happen to Babylon? Jeremiah 25:12,13. [...]

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First Quarter 2016

Lesson for March 5, 2016. PROPHETICAL SIGNIFICANCE IN JEWISH IMMIGRATION Scripture Reading: Isaiah 62. Memory Verses: Isaiah 62:6,7. Because of transgression, what decree did God pronounce against the Jewish nation? Jeremiah 29:18,19. Would the time come, however, when the Lord would again bring them back to their own land? Jeremiah 32:37. As the Lord brought [...]

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