Introduction: Each group member that joins agrees to abide by and defend the guiding principles shared below. We do this in order to make everyone feel welcome, but in particular, to level the playing field. When the playing field is uneven, the road tends to be bumpy and steep. The group was created specifically to create an environment where everyone can be free to

a) Debate spiritual issues of concern,
b) Share own knowledge
c) Learn from others.

We do this fully aware that some of us do not have such opportunities in the churches or congregations they come from. In fact most churches or congregations avoid teaching the Scriptures and worse, some teach wrong doctrines.

In short, here are the core principles by which members are expected to abide, defend and to promote:
1. Members join in their individual and private capacity, i.e. no one may represent their church or assembly.

2. No member may use his/her title to intimidate/bully or impose views on others – the idea is to share knowledge, not to tell others what to know or think.

3. None of the members claim to be experts on religious or any topic discussed on this platform. We aim to share the little we know for the mutual benefit of everyone.

4. All members are expected to participate actively so that there is joint ownership of the outcomes of the discussions.

5. No member may discriminate against any other member on any grounds, including race, gender, age, religion, nationality, etc.

6. Members have the right to propose a topic or ask questions. However, questions must be relevant to the topic being discussed at the time. New topics should only be proposed when the current topic is formally closed or has become stagnant.

7. Members accept to be addressed as brother or sister without any intention to disrespect anyone. Mutual respect is expected and implied in all interactions in this platform.

8. Membership in this group is open to everyone irrespective of the denomination, race, gender, age, nationality, title, etc.

9. Members accept that, from time-to-time, we may need to call one another to order should members digress from the topic or create other problems. This is necessary so that we maintain order and ensure progress in line with the mandate of the group.

10. Members who deliberately undermine the group principles and show no repentance after attempts to correct them maybe sanctioned by the group administrator by way of suspension or permanent expulsion from the group.

11. Given that this is an international platform, members are requested to use and stick to English as language for the purposes of discussions and questions.

12. From Friday evening until Monday evening, the group takes a break from discussing formal topics. In this time, members are free to share none topical issues of common interest, e.g. messages, warnings, information of common interest, etc.

13. No internal issues that are specific to a particular church or congregation may be shared, e.g. members from a particular church or congregation discussing issues that are not of common interest to the group unless it’s an open invite to everyone the group in general. Otherwise, such issues should be handled offline between the individuals involved.

14. Although not desirable for the group, members are free to peacefully exit the group at any point in time when they feel like doing so.

15. The group principles are subject to review from time-to-time through the group administrator.


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