Lesson for January 30, 2016.


Scripture Reading: John 6:22-71.

Memory Verse: John 6:51.

1. After Jesus fed the multitude of five thousand, what effort did they make to pursue him? John 6:22-24.

2. On finding Him, what did they ask Him? John 6:25.

3. How did He express His disapproval of their attitude? John 6:26,27.

4. On hearing this, what did they want to know? John 6:28.

5. What did they require of Him that they might believe? John 6:30,31.

6. How did Jesus explain this? John 6:32,33.

7. What did they now desire? John 6:34.

NOTE: Their demand for a sign was consistent with the instructions given in Isaiah 7:11 and 8:18. Still, the Lord did not grant this, for His entire life’s work was attested by signs (Acts 2:22), which were enough.

8. What bread did Jesus introduce to them? John 6:35,36.

9. In what words did He impress this vital truth on them? John 6:40.

10. Why did they murmur at this saying? John 6:41,42.

NOTE: This is the ‘Gibraltar’ of the Jewish experience. They could not see how He came from heaven, nor how they could believe on Him to be saved. That was a mystery which required a personal revelation.

11. What prophecy did Jesus cite to them? John 6:45; Isaiah 54:13.

NOTE: This refers to the spiritual vision of those who believe in God. We see Him, in that He dwells in us through the Spirit.

12. What truth did Jesus express to them again? John 6:47-51.

13. What reaction did He get? John 6:52.

14. How did Jesus re-emphasize this? John 6:53-55.

15. How is the eating and drinking of His flesh and blood interpreted? John 6:56; John 17:23; 1 John 3:24.

NOTE: We eat of Jesus in the spiritual sense, when we believe on Him as our Savior. It is then that He is to us the ”Bread of Life.”  He wants us to have abundant life, like they had in the days of the early Church. Head knowledge belief will not accomplish this.

16. How did this teaching affect some of His disciples? John 6:59,60.

17. When Jesus knew this, what did He say? John 6:61-64?
18. What was the effect of this on some of His disciples? John 6:66.
19. What question did Jesus ask some of the Twelve? John 6:67.
20. What was Peter’s answer? John 6;68,69.


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