Lesson for July 15, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Luke 6:17-40.

Memory Verse: Luke 6:19.

  1. From what cities were the people gathered together? Luke 6:17.

NOTE:  They had come from a distance of about 50 miles or more, which was a great effort since in those days walking was the main way of travel.

  1. What is said about all the sick in that great multitude? Luke 6:18,19.
  2. In what way did the Savior prepare Himself for this great gathering? Luke 6:12.
  3. After spending the night in prayer, with what was His body charged? Luke 6:19.
  4. Was the apostle Paul also possessed with this magnetic, healing virtue? Acts 19:11,12.
  5. Keeping in mind that these wonderful miracles are written for us, what is commanded of us? 1 Corinthians 11:1.
  6. In order for us to perform all of these things today, what becomes necessary? 1 Corinthians 1:5; 2 Corinthians 8:7.
  7. We being enriched by Him in knowledge and speech, what will be the result? 2 Corinthians 8:7-14.

NOTE:  It is Satan who misleads people in their conversation, and causes them to carry a reproach about someone. When you tell anything that is not true about a person, you are guilty of reproach (Psalms 15:1-3.) When enriched by the master, seeking for the Holy Spirit, and separating ourselves from evil talkers, we can then be partakers of the divine nature and be filled with heavenly virtue.

  1. What attitude are we to have towards our enemies and those that hate us and curse us? Luke 6:27,28.
  2. If someone literally strikes you or smites you with threats or lies about you, should you do the same back to them? Luke 6:29-31.
  3. In what way will the true servant be different from the ungodly people of the world? Luke 6:32-34.
  4. What promise is given to those who have the right thoughts and motives toward their enemies? Luke 6:35.
  5. What about giving to the needy, and giving to further the gospel? Luke 6:36-38.


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