Lesson for June 24, 2017


Scripture Reading: Matthew 25.

Memory Verse: Matthew 25:45

  1. What does the Lord say about requirements and qualifications for stewardship? 1 Corinthians 4:2.
  2. Is the one who is faithful in that which is least also faithful in much? Luke 16:10.
  3. Living, as we are, surrounded by commercialism where money becomes an absolute necessity for existence, how is the faithfulness of every individual tested? Luke 16:11.
  4. What is especially said about faithfulness in that which is another man’s referring to riches or money? Luke 16:12.
  5. Is it possible for anyone to serve both God and mammon? Luke 16:13.
  6. What effect did these sayings of Jesus have on the covetous Pharisees who were absorbed in money making? Luke 16:14.

NOTE:  The making of money for the express purpose of self glory and power is always promoted by the evil spirit of covetousness. Or when after the individual has sufficient of the world’s goods to live the remainder of his life and keep those dependent on him, he still follows the pursuit of money making without any distribution for the work of the Lord, he is also actuated by the same evil spirit. When however the underlying aim, and real intent of the heart, is to gain worldly riches to preach the Word of God, or to help the poor, the making of money is legitimate and God views such pursuit with favor.

  1. Even though they were able to make excuses for their action, before man, how is God able to render justice in such matters? Luke 16:15.
  2. Is the man innocent who is not faithful in the portion of his income which belongs to God, but makes haste to become rich? Proverbs 28:20.
  3. What will be the words of Jesus to that servant receiving the greatest privileges and power for service? Matthew 25:21.
  4. What will likewise be said to the one who made correct use of the portion given him, and proved a profitable servant in the vineyard? Matthew 25:23.
  5. But what will be the words to the unfaithful, adding nothing of value in service to God? Matthew 25:26-29.
  6. Will unprofitableness be sufficient reason for failure to enter into the kingdom? Matthew 25:30.


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