Lesson for June 8, 2019


Scripture reading: James 3.

Memory verse: Matthew 15:11.

  1. What does the Bible say about the tongue? James 3:6, 8.
  2. What is one thing that distinguishes a fool from a prudent man? Proverbs 12:23.
  3. What do they, who are “void of wisdom”? Proverbs 11:12.
  4. What does the Bible call those who destroy their neighbor by slanderish talk? Proverbs 11:9.
  5. If we are to have a faithful spirit, what must we do? Proverbs 11:13.
  6. Should we count it a small matter when we have kindled a little fire with the tongue? James 3:5.

Note. — Every raging forest fire has a small beginning. So it is with the little fires of the tongue. They may start small, but soon spread engulfing and marring many.

  1. What evidence must a wise man show to prove his authenticity? James 3:13.
  2. Of what does the “wisdom that is from above” consist? James 3:17.
  3. Is ordering your conversion aright a matter of life and death? Proverbs 13:3.
  4. What must a man do to be perfect? James 3:2; 4:8, 10.
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