Lesson for March 9, 2024


Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:1-13.

Memory Verse: 1 Corinthians 16:13.

  1. To what did the Saviour liken the Kingdom of Heaven? Matthew 25:1.
  2. What characteristic did the ten virgins have in common? Matthew 25:1 (last part).
  3. How did the foolish ones demonstrate their folly? Matthew 5:3.
  4. How did the wise ones display their wisdom? Matthew 25:4.

Note. We note that all ten were virgins. This suggests purity of character. They represent the Church waiting for the Messiah. All ten virgins also had oil burning lamps.

  1. Spiritually speaking, what does the lamp represent? Psalm 119:105.
  2. Since the Word is the lamp, what does the oil symbolically represent? Revelation 3:18 (last part).
  3. What anoints in this dispensation? Acts 10:38; 1 John 2:27.

Note. From this we see that the oil is the Spirit. These virgins were all anointed by the Spirit, but five did not have enough of the anointing. We read that the Apostles were filled (or anointed) and refilled with the Spirit and that is how the extra oil is maintained. Those who receive the Spirit and then do not continue to “walk in the Spirit” will be among the foolish virgins, for their lamps will go out.

  1. What took place while the Bridegroom tarried? Matthew 25:5.
  2. What was heard at midnight? Matthew 25:6.
  3. What did they arise to do? Matthew 25:7.
  4. What did the foolish ones ask for? Matthew 25:8.
  5. What answer and advice did they get? Matthew 25:9.

Note. It is not possible to borrow faith and spiritual strength from someone else. You must get it from it’s source. This parable especially stresses the importance of being prepared at all times and the danger of being lax in our spiritual walk. (See Matthew 25:10-13.)

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