Lesson for November 5, 2016.


Scripture Reading: James 2:1-16.

Memory Verses: James 2:23, 24.

  1. For man’s good, in the very beginning, what did God provide? Genesis 2:16,17.

NOTE: There can be no perfect government whether man made or theocratic. Every good government provides good laws for the benefit of its citizens. Those who object to the Law of God show a tendency to have lost their love to man and their respect to God.

  1. What question did one of the scribes ask Jesus? Mark 12:28.
  2. How did Jesus reply? Mark 12:29-31.
  3. Where do we find a more comprehensive outline of these truths? Exodus 20:1-17
  4. How did Paul bring out the truth? Romans 13:8-10,14.
  5. What consideration and rule were applied to the unlearned Gentile world? Romans 2:14-16.
  6. What is the breaking of the law said to be? Romans 13:2.

NOTE: The law does not make sinners. The speedometer on a car does not cause one to drive in excess of the speed limit. It merely indicates when one goes beyond good judgement or fixed laws.

  1. How many souls are saved by the law alone? Romans 8:3.
  2. While the law detects sin, what does the gospel accomplish? Romans 1:16.
  3. Having received the gospel, what is our new relationship to God? John 1:12.
  4. On what condition is salvation granted? Hebrews 5:7-9.
  5. How does James refer to the Ten Commandments? James 2:8-12.
  6. What ceremony unites the law and the gospel? Romans 6:4.
  7. What striking conclusion does James draw? James 2:14,26.


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