Lesson for April 27, 2024


Scripture reading: Isaiah 53:1-12.

Memory verse: I Timothy 1:15.

  1. Why did Christ come into the world? 1 Tim. 1:15.
  2. What prompted God to permit His own Son to die for sinful man? 1 John 4:9, 10; Rom. 5:8.
  3. What did the Prophet say Christ would be called upon to endure? Isaiah 53:7, 8.
  4. Did Christ know before hand how He would be hated and despised, and finally crucified? Luke 18:31-33.
  5. Jesus knew all that would befall Him, and how He would suffer and be crucified. How willing was He to go through all of this shame and suffering? Luke 22:41, 42; Matt. 16:21-23; 26:37-39.
  6. How great was the agony of His soul and what happened to cause Him more grief? Luke 22:44, 47, 48.
  7. What act by Peter caused the Saviour additional suffering? Luke 22:59-6l.
  8. What reproachful things were done to Jesus at the high priest’s house? Luke 22:63, 64.
  9. What cruelty did Pilate inflict upon Jesus? John 19:1.
  10. What shameful treatment did He receive from the soldiers? Matt. 27:29, 30, 41, 42.
  11. What wonderful prayer did He utter for His tormentors while He hung upon the cross? Luke 23:34.
  12. Was it necessary for Christ to suffer and die? Heb. 2:10.
  13. Seeing how Christ was permitted to suffer all this for us, what challenge is this to His followers? Romans 8:31,32.
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