Lesson for April 8, 2017


Scripture Reading: Philippians 4th chapter.

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:7.

  1. What particular characteristic of selfishness would be apparent among the people in the last days? 2 Timothy 3:1-5.
  2. Should the remnant church be lovers of their own selves, and seeking for vain glory? Philippians 2:3.
  3. Should we be interested only in our own things? Philippians 2:4.
  4. The mind being our directing power, what are our instructions regarding the mind? Philippians 2:5; Roman 12:2.
  5. Was Jesus endeavoring to make for Himself a reputation? Philippians 2:7.
  6. Did the mind of Jesus lead Him in the pathway of sacrifice, or in choice of comfort, honor and pleasure? Philippians 2:8.
  7. Although He was not seeking joy, comfort, or honor, but after passing through sorrow and humiliation, what was His final position? Philippians 2:9.
  8. What is it that worked within Him in accomplishing this glorious end? Philippians 2:13.
  9. Should we receive with joy the afflictions of life or murmur against our fate? Philippians 2:14.
  10. How must we conduct ourselves, and for what purpose has God placed us in the world? Philippians 2:15.
  11. How may we be able to obtain power and possess the mind of Christ? Matthew 7:7,8.
  12. Having acquired the Holy Spirit to give Him power for service, did He give us instructions relative to its possession? Luke 11:11-13.
  13. What shall we forget, and unto what shall we press forward? Philippians 3:13,14.


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