Lesson for April 9, 2022


Scripture Reading: John 6:22-71.

Memory Verse: John 6:54.

  1. Where did Jesus go after feeding the five thousand? John 6:24, 25.
  2. Why were the multitudes seeking Him? John 6:26
  3. What did Jesus tell them about food? From where did He say this food would be obtained? John 6:27
  4. Does it appear that the multitude thought they had this bread from heaven? How did Jesus reply? John 6:31-35.
  5. How did the Jews respond to this statement which Jesus made? John 6:42.
  6. How did Jesus reply to their murmurings? John 6:48-51, 53-58.
  7. When Jesus introduced the Lord’s Supper, what did He say the unleavened bread represented? Luke 22:19; Matthew 26:26. Compare with John 6:51, 53.

Note: While Jesus and His disciples were eating the Passover, Jesus took bread, blessed it and said, take, eat, this is My Body. This unleavened bread represented His Body. The eating of the Passover Lamb was now forever in the past. The O.T. Passover had become history; Jesus was introducing the Lord’s Supper.

  1. After partaking of the unleavened bread, what did Jesus do? Luke 22:20; Matthew 26:27.
  2. What did Jesus say that the drink which was in the cup represented? Matthew 26:28; Luke 22:20. Compare with John 6:53, 54.
  3. What did the cup which Jesus gave to His disciples contain? Mark 14:25; Matthew 26:29.

Note: The Gospels of Mark, Luke and John, tell us that the cup which Jesus blessed contained the fruit of the vine. This was the pure blood of the grape, which represents the precious Blood of Jesus. See Deuteronomy 32:14, last part.

  1. Is it a scriptural term to use the word Communion when referring to the Lord’s Supper? 1 Corinthians 10:16.
  2. Was Judas present and did he partake of the Lord’s Supper? Luke 22:21; John 13:18.
  3. What must each soul do before partaking of the Lord’s Supper? If we fail, what will be the sad consequences? 1 Corinthians 11:27-30.
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