Lesson for August 20, 2016.


Scriptures tell us that Christ is the “Star of Jacob” (Numbers 24:17); the “Day Star” (2 Peter 1:19); the “Bright and Morning Star” (Revelation 22:16). The wise men from east were not mere astrologers as some teach. They saw the “Star” and chose to “come to worship Him.” We believe they came by inspiration, “for the world by wisdom knew not God.”, 1 Corinthians 1:21.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:18-25.

Memory Verses: Luke 2:13,14.

  1. What was the purpose of Joseph’s and Mary’s trip to Bethlehem? Luke 2:1-5.
  2. While at Bethlehem, what wonderful event took place? Luke 2:6,7.
  3. What is said of the shepherds at this time? Luke 2:8.
  4. What glory were they permitted to behold? Luke 2:9.
  5. What wonderful message did the angels give them? Luke 2:10,11.
  6. What sign was given them of this child? Luke 2:12.
  7. What other glorious news greeted the shepherds? Luke 2:13,14.
  8. When the angels had departed what did the shepherds decide to do? Luke 2:15.
  9. When they arrived at the place spoken of by the angels, what did they see? Luke 2:16.
  10. What did the shepherds do with the good news? Luke 2:17.
  11. How did the hearers regard the report? Luke 2:18.
  12. What was Mary’s attitude about this event? Luke 2:19.
  13. How did the shepherds manifest their joy for the Savior? Luke 2:20.
  14. When this child was eight days old, what did they do according to the law and what was He called? Luke 2:21 (first part).
  15. By whom was He thus named before His conception? Luke 2:21(last part).
  16. Who was King of Judea at this time? Who also came to Jerusalem? Matthew 2:1.
  17. What was their question? What reasons did they give for coming? Matthew 2:2.


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