Lesson for August 13, 2016.


Scripture Reading: James 3.

Memory Verse: James 3:2.

  1. In Psalms 34:13 what are we told to keep our tongues from?
  2. What example does King David give us in Psalms 35:28?
  3. What should be our prayer concerning the tongue? Psalms 120:2.
  4. What does a just mouth bring forth? Proverbs 10:31.
  5. What must every tongue confess? Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:11.
  6. What does James 1:26 tell us about a Christian that cannot hold his tongue?
  7. What are we warned about concerning the tongue and fire? James 3:5.
  8. What advise does Peter give to us concerning our behavior and the tongue? 1 Peter 3:10.
  9. How should we speak about our fellow man? Titus 3:2.


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