Lesson for August 26, 2017.


Scripture Reading: John 4:1-42.

Memory Verse: John 4:22,23.

  1. Who came to Jesus by night? John 3:1,2.
  2. How did He point out the soul’s need to this ruler, and what vital need did He emphasize? John 3:3-5.
  3. Can the sinner work out his own salvation or does he need help? Jeremiah 13:23; Romans 8:6-7.
  4. From what source can divine strength and help be obtained? Luke 11:9,10.
  5. What illustration is used to show the willingness of the Father to give us help in time of need? Luke 11:11-13.
  6. Where did the Lord stop on His way through Samaria? John 4:4-7

NOTE:  When the Saviour was on His way to Galilee, about 100 miles north of Jerusalem, He stopped at Samaria in a beautiful valley running eastward to the Jordan River. Here He found Jacob’s Well, where He being weary sat down to rest. He was likely faint and thirsty after the long journey.

  1. How did the Saviour open conversation with the woman at the well? Verse 7.
  2. How did the woman respond, and what seemed to be most on her heart? John 4:8,9.
  3. How did Jesus turn the conversation to meet her spiritual needs? John 4:10-14.

NOTE:  This is an excellent example for us to follow. On all occasions we should turn our conversation to the spiritual help and eternal needs of those whom we meet.

  1. How did Jesus prove to this woman that He was different from the ordinary person? John 4:16-18.

NOTE:  Although we are not able to tell people about their own lives as Christ was, we can tell them about conditions in the world; Conditions that miraculously fulfill the words of the ancient prophets.

  1. What did Jesus say to this woman about salvation? How did He define acceptable worship? John 4:22-24.
  2. What did the woman say about the Messiah? What announcement did Jesus make? John 4:25,26.
  3. When Christ’s disciple, who had gone for food, returned to the scene and offered Him food, what was His answer? John 4:31-34.
  4. What did the woman do and what was the result of the Saviour’s personal witnessing? Is this an example for us? John 4:25-30; 35-42.


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