Lesson for September 2, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Revelation 16th chapter.

Memory Verse: Revelation 16: 1.

  1. Upon whom is the first one of the seven last plagues poured? Revelation 14: 9, 18: 4.
  2. What two signs are given of this special time of preparation? Nahum 2: 3.
  3. There have been three world wide messages sent forth since the beginning of the gospel age. What and when was the first message? Revelation 14: 6.

NOTE:  This was the message sent forth in the days of the apostles, to a world of idolatrous people to destroy their idols and worship Him that made the heavens and the earth. It was also the hour of judgment upon the Jewish nation (Luke 21: 24), and upon the prince of this world.

  1. What is said about the time of judgment that was a part of the first world wide message? 1 Peter 4:17; John 16: 7-11; 12: 31.
  2. What was the nature of the second angel’s message? Revelation 14: 8.
  3. What is the nature of the Third Angel’s Message, and against whom is it specially directed? Revelation 14:9,10.
  4. What is the next event that follows this message? Is there still another to be given, or is it time then for the King to come and reign? Revelation 14:14-16.
  5. What does Revelation 15:1 also tell us about these last plagues?

NOTE:  The message identifying the beast, and giving this warning, is “meat in due season”.  It is this message that is due in the world at this special time.


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