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Lesson for August 4, 2018


Scripture reading: Romans 10:12-21.

Memory verse: Romans 10:17.

  1. How does faith come? Rom, 10:17.
  2. Note that the Word was nigh in the days of Moses, but they lacked faith, Deut. 30:14-15.
  3. Was faith easy to acquire in the days of Paul? Rom 10:8.
  4. What scripture indicates that we are to exercise our faith? Heb. 2:4, 10:38.
  5. Does the way become clearer as we go forward day by day living a life of faith? Prov. 4:18.
  6. Did Abraham prove his faith by his works? Gen. 22:12.
  7. What does James say about faith and works? James 2:20, 26.
  8. How is faith made perfect? James 2:21, 22.
  9. How impossible is it to attain righteousness in our own strength and effort without seeking and receiving the Spirit? Jer. 13:23; Isa. 64:6.
  10. Who only can cleanse us from sin, and how? Acts 4:12; Luke 11:11-13.
  11. By whose power within us can we withstand temptation, and against what power do we wrestle? Eph. 6:10-12.
  12. What is our shield and protection? Eph. 6:16, 17.
  13. Are trials and temptations which we overcome by faith of any value? 1 Pet. 1:7, 8, 9.
  14. When our faith is real, how will we use our talents and our lives, and what will be the result? Matt. 25:20, 21.
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