Lesson for August 5, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Matthew, chapter 7.

Memory Verse: Matthew 7:21.

  1. What evil practice did the Saviour condemn? Matthew 7:1-3.
  2. What should first be done before we attempt to correct others? Matthew 7:4,5; Matthew 5:23,24.

NOTE:  It is one’s own lack of the true spirit of forbearance and love that leads one to emphasize faults in others, and makes a mountain out of a mole hill. Censure and reproach never did reclaim a wayward soul, but many are driven further away by such. A tender spirit of gentle rebuke given personally and privately manifested by loving compassion for the erring one, is what wins a person back to the narrow path.

  1. What is emphasized here regarding the two roads of life, and is it manifest today? Matthew 7:13,14.
  2. Will there be false prophets and false teachers in the last days? Matthew 7:15; Matthew 24:24.
  3. How are we to detect them? Isaiah 8:20; Matthew 7:16,17.
  4. False preachers confess a belief in the Saviour, and may perform good works in His Name. Matthew 7:22.
  5. What will be their fate in the day of judgment? Matthew 7:23.
  6. What does Jesus say about those who will enter the kingdom? Matthew 7:21.
  7. To what does He compare the people who hear and do the things He mentions? Matthew 7:24,25.
  8. What comparison is made of those who merely hear? Matthew 7:26,27.
  9. Will merely believing in the Son without obedience afford us anything? James 2:19,20; James 1:21,22.


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