Lesson for December 14, 2019


Scripture reading: Isaiah 66

Memory verse: Isa 66:22

  1. At the conclusion of Isaiah’s prophecies, what emphasis were placed on the importance of this earth? Isaiah 66:1
  2. What class of people is the Heavenly Father going to notice and exalt in the end? Isaiah 66:2
  3. What were some of the sins that provoked Him to anger? Isaiah 65:2-4
  4. What is said of those who forget his holy mountain? Isaiah 65:11, 12
  5. What were some of the other sins mentioned? Isaiah 66:3.

Note. Our Saviour rebuked the self-righteous “better than thou spirit” (Luke 18:9-14) in the Pharisee who trusted in himself and despised others. This attitude is a manifestation of the flesh. The Saviour tells us to “judge not and to condemn not” but to pray for the erring ones, and to even love our enemies, and to do good to them that despitefully use us. Luke 6:28, 37.

  1. What will the Heavenly Father extend to the remnant church? Isaiah 66:12, 13.
  2. When the people see this, what will they do? What will happen to the wicked? Isaiah 66:13-16
  3. Against what particular class are the judgments brought to bear? Isaiah 66:17, 18.
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