Lesson for December 15, 2018


Scripture reading: James 3rd Chapter.

Memory verse: James 3:18.

  1. What does the ninth commandment forbid? Ex. 20:16.
  2. What promise is given to those who order their conversation aright? Psa. 50:23.
  3. How is such a person regarded? James 3:2.
  4. To what double use may the tongue be used? Verse 10.
  5. Is it possible for man to rule his own tongue, in his own strength or power? Verses 7, 8.
  6. The tongue being an unruly member, what must we do in order that it may be tamed and thus put under complete control? Rom 6:13, 7:23-25.
  7. Of what are our words a sure index? Matt. 12:34, 35.
  8. Will our record in heaven containing the words we have spoken here, settle our fate in the pending judgment? See 36 and 37.
  9. What does the Lord say about tale-bearers? Lev. 19:16; Prov. 26:22.

Note: How careful we should always be when we make a statement concerning anyone, that what we say is true; for we shall be judged by every word which we utter. So very often, when a matter is repeated, a little is added or a little left out, which may change the entire picture concerning a matter.

  1. What is said about the person who covereth the wrong of another by not repeating it? Prov. 17:9; 26:20.
  2. What are words like which are fitly spoken under the Spirit? Prov. 25:11.
  3. Are our words registered in heaven and known to the Lord? Psa. 139:4.
  4. We are nearing the time of terrible destruction over all the earth, when we shall need the protection of the mighty angels in order to be delivered. In view of this what should our conversation be? 2 Peter 3.11,12.
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