Lesson for December 26, 2020


Scripture reading: Rev. 16th Chapter.

Memory verse: Rev. 16:1.

  1. Upon whom will the first one of the seven last plagues be poured? Rev. 16:1.
  2. Had the people been warned of the coming of these plagues, before they were poured out upon them? Rev. 14:9 and 18:4.

Note. The Heavenly Father has never brought judgment upon a city or upon the world before He warned the people of its coming and gave them ample time to escape. He warned Sodom and Gomorrah; he warned Tyre and Sidon; He warned Nineveh and Babylon, and also the world before the flood. He is also warning this present world through His chosen, called out remnant people.

  1. What two signs are given of this special time of preparation? Nahum 2:3.
  2. There have been three world-wide messages sent forth since the beginning of the gospel age. What and when was the first message? Rev. 14: 6, 7.

Note. — This was the message sent forth in the days of the apostles, to a world of idolatrous people, to destroy their idols and worship Him that made the heavens and the earth. It was also the hour of judgment upon the Jewish nation. Luke 21:24.

  1. What is said about the time of judgment that was a part of the first world-wide message? 1 Peter 4:17; John 16:7-11 and 12:31.
  2. What was the nature of the second angel’s message? Rev. 14:8.

Note. ‘Babylon the great’ was the brand on the forehead of the woman of Revelation 17:5, symbolizing the church that rode on and controlled the beast during a period of 1,260 years, when this church ruled the world from Rome. The corruption and spiritual fall of this church was the world-wide message of the reformation. Those who protested against her sin and corruption have ever since been called “Protestants.” This message has gone to all the world, but the followers of these reformers no longer protest.

  1. What is the nature, of the third angel’s message, and against whom is it especially directed? Rev. 14:9, 10.
  2. What is the next event that follows this message? Is there still another to be given, or is it time then for the King to come and reign? Rev. 14:14-16.

Note. – Note carefully that this final message is a warning to the world of the approach of the seven last plagues. It is against the beast worship. Also that those who worship the beast, the same drink of the wine of His wrath. The memory verse of last of this lesson shows clearly that this is the seven last plagues which will be poured out upon the ungodly.

  1. What does Revelation 15:1 also tell us about these last plagues? Rev. 15:1.
  2. The message about the beast, and giving this warning is ‘meat in due season’. For these things truly are at the door at this time. In what class are the foolish virgins placed whose light went out after the 11th hour, and the servants who said His coming is delayed? Matt. 24:45-51 and Matt. 25:8-12.

Note. Any group that claims to be the Church of God but refuses to give out this ‘meat in due season’ message and lays it upon the shelf to keep unity among their leaders or for any other reason, is not the “Remnant church” and should not be held up and supported by any of the true servants.

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