Lesson for December 30.


Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:1-13.

Memory Verse: Colossians 3:12.

  1. Whom are we to represent and in what manner? 1 Timothy 4:12.
  2. Whom are we commanded to follow as our example? Mark 8:34.
  3. Who are we given as examples of endurance? James 5:10, also see 1 Peter 2:21.
  4. What attitude should the world see in us after we have been put through trials? 1 Peter 4:16.
  5. What should our minds dwell on which could make us better examples? Philippians 4:8.
  6. In what way should we communicate one to another? Ephesians 4:29.
  7. What are we to clothe ourselves with? Colossians 3:12.
  8. What are some of the things we are told to follow after which will make our lives better examples? Romans 14:19, also see 1 Timothy 6:11.

NOTE:  Many times we forget that we are to be the light of the world, and are to follow the examples left for us in the Word of God. By our example of a Christian life we may win souls for the Kingdom. It is therefore very important to be the best example we possibly can be and to pray daily for a Christ like spirit.

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