Lesson for February 18, 2023


Scripture Reading: Revelation: 14:9-20.

Memory Verse: Revelation 19:20.

  1. According to Daniel what does a beast signify in the prophetic word of God? Daniel 7:17.
  2. What are some of the characteristics of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13: 11?

Note: Ungodly kings or rulers are referred to as beasts in the Scriptures. Please notice that each time the Bible refers to as beast, the masculine gender is always used. Whenever the church is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures a feminine gender is applied.

  1. While the beast is reigning who will be working with him? Revelation 19:20.
  2. What phenomenal miracles will this satanic power exhibit? Revelation 13: 13, 14
  3. What did Jesus say about the satanic power that would exist just prior to His return? Matthew 24: 24.
  4. How does the Apostle Paul describe this wicked one and what does he say about the satanic power this evil one will possess? 2 Thessalonians 2: 8-10.
  5. During the reign of this evil power, what authority will he exercise over all who live within his realm? Whom will they be compelled to worship? Revelation 13: 12.

Note: We see that this devilish inspired beast will exercise all the power of the first beast, upon whom the fallen church rode.

  1. What extraordinary power will the false prophet who works along with the beast possess? Revelation 13: 15.

Note: Nebuchadnezzar ordered an image to be made during the time of Daniel. But this image was without life and didn’t speak. But the image of Revelation 13:15 will be able to do his own announcing.

  1. Have the powers of Satan brought forth life prior to the days of this beast? Exodus 7: 11, 12; 8:7.
  2. In what way will all who submit to this evil power be identified? Revelation 13:16.
  3. What fate awaits all those who live in the realm of the beast and who refuse to bow down to his will? Revelation 13:15, 17.
  4. How may this beast be identified? Revelation 13:18.
  5. Will this evil power be in existence when the Lord Jesus returns to the earth? Revelation 19:11, 14, 19.
  6. What will be the final end of this beast? Revelation 19:20.
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