Lesson for January 2, 2021


Scripture reading: Matthew 1.

Memory verse: Matthew 1:23.

  1. How is the beginning of Matthew designated? Whose son is Jesus said to be? Matthew 1:1.
  2. What does Luke say about this? Luke 1:30-33.
  3. Who was the last of Christ’s genealogy to be mentioned? Matthew 1:16.
  4. How many generations are there from Abraham to David; from David to the captivity in Babylon, and from thence to Christ? Verse 17.
  5. What was the relationship between Joseph and Mary before the birth of Jesus? Verse 18.
  6. What was the character of Joseph? What did he intend to do on this occasion? Verse 19.
  7. How was he prevented from carrying out his design? Of what was he assured? Verse 20.
  8. Who did the angel say Mary would bear? Verse 21.
  9. With what was all this in accordance? Verse 22.
  10. What did Isaiah prophesy about this? Verse 23.
  11. What has Paul to say of this fulfillment? 1Timothy 3:16.
  12. What was Joseph’s attitude after this dream? Matthew 1:24.
  13. What name was given the Christ Child? Verse 25.
  14. How is the importance of this name emphasized? Acts4:10-12;Philippians 2:9-11.
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