Lesson for January 9, 2021


Scripture Reading: John 1:1-34.

Memory Verse: Matthew 3:11.

  1. When Jesus was eight days old, what was done according to the law? By what name was he called? Luke 2:21; 1:31.

Note: We notice how that Jesus and John the Baptist were both named by the Angel Gabriel before their conception. Also notice how that in both instances Heaven’s command was obeyed.

  1. For what purpose was Jesus brought to the temple? Luke 2:22-24.
  2. While Simeon held Jesus in his arms what did he prophesy? Luke 2:34.
  3. After this where did Joseph and Mary take the young child? Luke 2:39, 40.
  4. How faithful were Joseph and Mary in obeying the Word of God in regard to worship? Luke 2:41. Compare with Deuteronomy 16:1, 16.
  5. What happened on one occasion while they were at Jerusalem? Luke 2:42-52.

Note: These doctors were the ministers of that day (Scribes and Pharisees) equal to the ministers of this day with their academic degrees. In Hebrews 1:7 we read “And of the Angels He saith, Who maketh His Angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.” Also Psalm 104:4. Jesus chose men of whom it was said they were ignorant and unlearned. They did not possess Bachelor of Arts or Doctor of Divinity degrees, but were mighty men of God, being fully surrendered unto Him and filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Please read Isaiah 56:10-12.

  1. Where was John the Baptist at this time? Matthew 3:1-6.
  2. When the people asked John the Baptist if he was the Christ, what answer did he give them? Luke 3:15-17; John 1:19, 20.
  3. What objection did John raise when Jesus came to him to be baptized? Did he feel worthy? Matthew 3: 13, 14.
  4. How did Jesus emphasize the importance of baptism? Matthew 3:15.

Note: Jesus was our perfect example. Although He had no personal sins to wash away, He fulfilled all righteousness and bore our sins and iniquities.

  1. After His baptism what took place? Matthew 3:16, 17.
  2. Whose son did this voice from heaven say that Jesus was? Matthew 3:17.
  3. After Jesus was baptized and had fasted for forty days and nights, who came unto Him? Matthew 4:1.
  4. What did the devil suggest that Jesus do in order to prove that He was the Son of God? Matthew 4:6, 7.
  5. After this, what did Satan offer Jesus if he would be obedient unto him? Matthew 4:8, 9.
  6. What did Jesus finally tell Satan? Matthew 4:10, 11.
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