Lesson for January 5, 2019


Scripture reading: 2 Tim. 3rd chapter.

Memory verse: 2 Tim. 3:14.

  1. Describe the perilous times of which Paul spoke and tell when will they take place? 2 Tim. 3:1-7.
  2. What did Paul mean in verse 7?
  3. Will there a time come when there will be fewerseducers? Verse 13.
  4. For what purpose did Paul say that these scriptures were written? Verses 16-17.
  5. What will some of the people who think they are the children of God be doing in the last days? 1 Tim. 4:1.
  6. What will they be saying, and why? 1 Tim. 4:2.
  7. What will be the condition of the rich people in the last days? James 5:1-3.
  8. Besides living in pleasure, what have they done? Verse 6.
  9. What did Paul tell the faithful brethren to do? Verses 7-13.
  10. In these times of peril, what did Jesus say we should take heed to? Luke 21:34, 35.
  11. What was Paul’s instruction to the Church for these last days? Heb. 10:25.
  12. How will the worldly people act when the Son of man is revealed coming down from Heaven and all the mighty angels with Him Rev. 6:12-17; Matt. 24:30.

Note. — It is evident from all the signs about us that we are living in the last days. Perilous times are here, and it behooves every one of us to lift up our heads for our redemption draweth nigh. — Luke 21:28. Also to be about our Father’s business, as profitable servants of the Lord. — Matt: 24:19-30.

To download the 1st Quarter Lessons please visit the following link. https://jsd-cog.org/2019-bible-lessons/

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