Lesson for July 2, 2016.


Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 3.

Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 3:13.

  1. What kind of general times or conditions will prevail in the “Last Days?” 2 Timothy 3:1.
  2. What about covetousness and selfishness during these days? 2 Timothy 3:2.
  3. Will the people be lovers of pleasure during this period? 2 Timothy 3:4.
  4. Are there to be many professors of religion and pretenders of Christianity? 2 Timothy 3:5.
  5. Is there to be much learning at this time, and will many possess the truth? 2 Timothy 3:7.
  6. Were world conditions to grow better or worse after the prophet made this prophecy? 2 Timothy 3:13.
  7. What does the apostle James tell us concerning riches and wealth in the last days? James 5:1-3.
  8. What does Isaiah pre-announce concerning the Law and the Word going forth from Jerusalem in the last days? Isaiah 2:2,3.
  9. What does the prophet Micah also prophesy about this same event from the last days? Micah 4:1,2.
  10. Following these events what will take place from Jerusalem when the Messiah returns to bring judgment? Micah 4:3.
  11. What is said about the last days or “time of the end,” relative to increase of knowledge? Daniel 12:4.
  12. How long was the book of Daniel to be sealed up, and when unsealed, who would be interested in it, and who would not? Daniel 12:9,10.

NOTE: The book of Daniel is still a sealed book to Israel, and the Jews in general. A curse has been declared by the extreme orthodox Jews upon anyone who would translate and calculate the 70 weeks of the 9th chapter.

  1. What is said about means of travel in the time of preparation? Nahum 2:3,4.

NOTE: We are living in the age of preparation for the coming King, and these conditions are in evidence everywhere. Every man and woman who has been called from the world, and understands these things, should be a profitable servant by witnessing and by giving of his or her life, in tithes and offerings, to publish this message, sending it forth by ministers and workers to Israel, and to the Gentile world.


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