Lesson for July 9, 2016.


Scripture Reading: Daniel 9.

Memory Verse: Daniel 9:22.

  1. After the Temple of Solomon was destroyed, Israel was taken captive into Babylon, but how long were they to remain there? Jeremiah 25:10,11.
  2. After they were gathered back from this dispersion, what was to happen to Babylon? Jeremiah 25:12,13.

NOTE: It is a known fact, according to the Scriptures as well as history, that the Jews were regathered to Jerusalem and another Temple was erected where Solomon’s Temple stood.

  1. As Daniel was praying for the restoration of Israel, who visited him? Daniel 9:20,21.
  2. For what purpose did Gabriel visit Daniel? Daniel 9:22,23.
  3. What was the length of time then given to the people of Israel to make an atonement for sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity? Daniel 9:24.
  4. In regard to the punishment of Israel, what period of time did one day represent? Ezekiel 4:5,6.

NOTE: As there was appointed unto Israel, a year for each day, during these periods of punishment, it is logical and scriptural to apply the same rule to the periods of punishment that were to follow? Therefore this 70 week period would be 7 times 70 or 490 years, as there are seven days in a week.

  1. Gabriel gave Daniel the assurance that a commandment was to go forth to rebuild Jerusalem. After it went forth how long was it to be until the Messiah? Daniel 9:25 [first part]
  2. Was Jerusalem to be rebuilt during a  time of peace or trouble? Daniel 9:25 [last part].
  3. What was to happen to the Messiah after the sixty-two weeks plus the first seven weeks, making 69 weeks? Daniel 9:26 [first part].
  4. Who was to follow after the Messiah? What was he to do? Daniel 9:26 [last part].

NOTE: This was Titus the commander of the Roman armies that besieged Jerusalem in the year 66 A.D., totally destroying the city and the 2nd Temple in 70 A.D.  Those that had received Jesus, believing His words [Luke 21:20,21] had fled the city. According to history, the Roman armies first surrounded Jerusalem and then withdrew for a short time before the actual siege.  Many that remained in the city cried out in prayer seeking for their ”promised Messiah” to deliver them.  Not until our time [close to 2000 years later] have the Jewish people been reunited again with the land.

  1. What was to happen in the middle of this last and 70th week? Daniel 9:27 [first part].

NOTE: This was the cutting off, or the crucifixion of the Messiah, which event brought to an official end the purpose and the need of the law for pardon by the blood of the ”Sacrificial Lamb” and brought on a new dispensation of grace.

  1. What was to happen after the crucifixion in connection with the abomination of desolation? Daniel 9:27 [last part]. How long was the desolation to last?

NOTE: If the Messiah has not already come then according to Daniel 9:26, Israel would not be here to stay and Jerusalem would be overthrown again and destroyed. Some among the religious Jews, living in Israel today, do not recognize the State of Israel because of this prophecy. They do not understand that this prophecy was fulfilled at the coming of Jesus and in the years soon following, in the first century this side of Christ; that Jesus is Messiah; therefore Israel is here to stay; and that Israel today is a direct fulfillment of the good and lasting prophecies for which the Jewish people have continually prayed and have so long awaited. [The time periods are exact].


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