Lesson for July 24, 2021


Scripture reading: Prov. 27th chapter

Memory verse: Job 5:2.

  1. What did Solomon say in his proverb about envy? Prov. 27:4.
  2. How cruel is jealousy? Songs of Solomon 8:6.
  3. What was the result of Cain’s jealousy? 1 John 3:12
  4. Does a man have to slay one in order to be a murderer? 1 John 3:15.
  5. With what were the Jews filled when they saw the multitudes come to hear Paul? Acts 13:44-48.
  6. What are some of the fruits of envy? James 3:16.
  7. How does Job explain envy? Job 5:2.

Note. — Envy and jealousy are sin and come because of a lack of the Holy Spirit. If we are to overcome these sins, one must seek power from Heaven, and the Lord will give it to change our life.

  1. “A sound heart is life of the flesh”. What is envy? Prov. 14:30.
  2. Is it possible for anyone to have envy in their hearts and still be saved? Gal 5:21.
  3. What did the Apostle Paul say we should put away? Eph 4:31
  4. How can this be done? Eph. 4:32.

Note. — Truly jealousy is as cruel as the grave, and often exists among church members, yea even among ministers.  Oh that might learn to esteem others better than self.

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