Lesson for July 9, 2022


Scripture Reading: Romans 12.

Memory Verse: Romans 12:1.

  1. What was Paul’s expressed desire of the Church of God at Rome? Romans 12:1.
  2. What should they do? What transformation was recommended? Romans 12:2.

Note: All the sacrifices required in the old dispensation were living ones; then while they were offered, they died. So with us; we offer ourselves as living sacrifices, then we become dead to sin, but alive unto righteousness.

  1. What was the process of consecration in the days of Moses? Leviticus 8:1-3, 6, 12, 30.

Note: Though this seems a mechanical way of consecration, it was God’s way, and there was something vital about it which we shall now see.

  1. What instruction was given these consecrated ones in their duties? Exodus 30:9.
  2. What was the result when they violated this law? Leviticus. 10:1, 2.
  3. What was Moses comment about this? What was Aaron’s attitude? Leviticus 10:3.
  4. What further instructions did Moses give to Aaron and his sons? Leviticus 10:6.
  5. Why was there danger in acting this way? Leviticus 10:9, 10.
  6. What similar thing took place under the anointing of the Spirit in the New Testament? Acts 5:1-12.
  7. What will a consecrated person not do? What was Paul’s advice on this? Romans 12:3.
  8. How will a consecrated person perform his work? Romans 12:6-8
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